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Chief Exec Review

2012 CEO Update

Fraser Haran - CEO

Our plan for 2012 is to continue on the path set out within our Business Plan and manage the balance between strengthening the Group and profit generation. We recognise that our long term goal, to substantially grow our organisation, requires significant investment; however this must be implemented at a pace that can be managed by our business. Our challenge for this year is to develop and put in place our investment plans, while ensuring our Core Businesses deliver their profitability & cash targets. As previous, we will be following the principles of our Core Strategy:

  • Remove weaknesses - continue to reduce our long term legacy debt by generating cash and paying down our long term Bank borrowings. Ensure best value is being achieved from all of our assets.

  • Core Investment - implement specific investment plans to increase our Core Business capacity in preparation for new market development. Develop export strategy to launch specific product ranges into new geographical markets.

  • New business opportunities - finalise the business model with our technology partners to develop our new product concept for the European market. Engage with the relevant Government agencies and trade bodies to support this development.